Wednesday, December 8, 2010


>when my family went to africa to visit my brother, we got to his village on the last night of ramadan. After 2 days spent in airports in 4 countries, crazy taxis and a taxing cross desert off-highway bus ride, we arrive. It being the last night of ramadan; the party goes all night with the sounds of drums and dancing echoing across the sub-sahara. Come the middle of the night, I am having trouble sleeping due to jet lag and this incessant drumming when I hear this wild nearby chorus of brays and begin to rise. Tiptoe-ing from my cot out the door into the moonlit courtyard I then peer over the courtyard wall. The drums had worked a group of local donkeys into a knot of ravaged fornicating beasts. Oh how my eyes grew as there were at least 15-20 donkeys circling in this fucking frenzy. What a racket. I tried to wake my family to show them but nobody was having it so I did the only thing I could think to do and that is record the audio on a cassette tape. (now lost.)



Andy Oler said...

Awesome. I didn't even know you had a recorder with you.

___ said...

i'm gonna dig around at home over xmas and try to find it