Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Monday, August 04, 2008

It’s time.

Good morning. I'm on the fifty eighth floor. I've already met my team, mostly young professional women, and been shown the bathrooms and canteen. There I acquired a quarter of a bagel. Temping again.

My emergency kit lies before me. It is a stylish orange pouch sealed tightly with Velcro.  The quiet of the office is disturbed as the contents spill out onto my desk.

The pouch contains:

1 3M Model number 8233 Respirator/Particle Mask
1 Silver Flashlight containing two generic and expired Double A batteries.
1 Hermetically sealed packet of "Emergency Drinking Water"
1 Emergency Survival Blanket 84 inches wide by 52 inches long This blanket retains personal body heat and can be used as ground cover as well as a signaling device for air support.
1 Small battery operated AM/FM radio with earbud headphones
1 Glowstick
1 Whistle, orange.

I put the glowstick and whistle away. Closing my emergency pouch and placing it in the bottom drawer, I begin to wait.

2 hours ago, I was waiting to meet Nicole from HR.  I spied a roach as big as my thumb on the floor of the receptionist's office.  It was headed towards the door.   The receptionist, filling in for Imelda who is out on vacation, made a call and two men in polo shirts came and disposed of the intruder.  Facilities.

"He came up through floorboard," they said,

"We are remodeling the suite below.  No cause for alarm.  If there are other problems, you know how to reach us."

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