Monday, July 27, 2009


Quinn is an Oakland, CA guitar rock trio that sounds like they did their homework. Their self-titled EP opens up with the spooky "I Don't See You Anymore" which about two minutes in completes the warm wet slide from heartfelt indie rock plea into Beatle-esque timing shifts and counter-melodic lines. Quinn features Nate Brenner on drums, the nexus of the connection between a circle of Oberlin College alumni and Indiana musicians. If you were to join me in constructing a Venn Diagram of the two, together we would see an ever increasing overlap to the point of impending concentricity. Brenner uses his drums like a theater manager uses effective set design and lighting, bringing out the flash only when it calls for it in the script.

My highlight is Andrew Conklin's "Doctor" which comes strutting in like it owns the place. Guitarist Emery Barter hovers above musical touchstones like a UFO, suspended briefly and cemented into your brainpan before jetting off to collect the next specimen. "Dangerous Miss," begins like a swanky toss-off Bond theme, brings out Matt Nelson, suspected affiliate of the San Francisco Jazz Mafia and known Warriors fan, to touch on some Morphine saxophone territory before time-traveling into a section that dares to call on your suspension of disbelief as Quinn welcomes you to THE carribbean retro lounge of the future, replete with alien and terrestrial scat singing and technicolor fizzy umbrella drinks brought directly to your floating table. Haaayyyyy. Closing it down with an obvious harbinger of their future direction, "Soul" uses a modern indie/r&b synthy guitar line as a catchy point of departure into velvety hinterlands of their choosing.

Click to Download Quinn EP

Check them out live:
8/5 Portland, OR TBA
8/6 Tacoma, WA The Den *early*
8/6 Tacoma, WA Doyle's Public House *late*
8/7 Olympia, WA ABC House
8/8 Seattle, WA Cafe Racer
8/9 Eugene, OR Sam Bond's Garage

Or Check them out online:

Monday, July 20, 2009


My friends do awesome stuff. I'll start posting more of it. Above is the art of one Mr. Max Kauffman, a current Denver-ite and Hoosier ex-pat, who has the ability to please women with only a glance. I would just post our last g-chat here as an example of the man's inherent genius but I would fear for your soft parts and their exposure to the terrifying shrapnel of truth.

Above is a piece inspired by Buckydomes. If you would like to see this little slice of ocular heaven levitating on your very own wall, please send me Three Thousand Dollars in American Currency. No sequential bills. No bills from the bottom. No dyepaks. The money, and I mean all the money, will be put to good use to outfit Max's new batcave-style "Art Grotto." The whiskey fountain is nearing completion. Act fast.

Seriously. There are no chairs in here yet. We are sitting on stacked case after case of Diet Mountain Dew. If Max ends up with bad posture, that will be on your conscience, dear reader. So to recap, we have: Pleasuring women with merely a glance; Buckydomes; and the new batcave-style "Art Grotto," of which I will be released from if I can come up with three thousand dollars. HELP!