Monday, July 20, 2009


My friends do awesome stuff. I'll start posting more of it. Above is the art of one Mr. Max Kauffman, a current Denver-ite and Hoosier ex-pat, who has the ability to please women with only a glance. I would just post our last g-chat here as an example of the man's inherent genius but I would fear for your soft parts and their exposure to the terrifying shrapnel of truth.

Above is a piece inspired by Buckydomes. If you would like to see this little slice of ocular heaven levitating on your very own wall, please send me Three Thousand Dollars in American Currency. No sequential bills. No bills from the bottom. No dyepaks. The money, and I mean all the money, will be put to good use to outfit Max's new batcave-style "Art Grotto." The whiskey fountain is nearing completion. Act fast.

Seriously. There are no chairs in here yet. We are sitting on stacked case after case of Diet Mountain Dew. If Max ends up with bad posture, that will be on your conscience, dear reader. So to recap, we have: Pleasuring women with merely a glance; Buckydomes; and the new batcave-style "Art Grotto," of which I will be released from if I can come up with three thousand dollars. HELP!

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