Monday, June 23, 2014


So my boss called me to his office.  On his desk was an overturned mason jar with a small undulating orb floating in the center.  It was glowing and emitting a high frequency but low volume hum.  I looked into the orb and saw my own face but as a child.  I was crying.  “Toby,” he said.  “Can you set up office 225?”


So my boss called me to his office.  His door was shut but I felt a breeze from underneath.  “Steffan,” I called.  “Are you there?”  I thought I heard a response and opened his door. My shoes were instantly stuck in a tawny muck. I reached up and pulled myself up onto a mangrove root.  I was happy sitting there.  I looked up and on the branch above me was my boss. “Toby, have you heard from the vending machine company?”

So my boss called me to his office. He had a question about a bill we received. As he reached for the invoice, a pigeon landed silently on the brick windowsill behind him.  It began smoking a tiny filtered cigarette.  The pigeon blew 3 quick concentric smoke rings.  A 2nd pigeon landed to join the first on the ledge.  It too was smoking a tiny filtered cigarette. “Toby,” my boss said, “do you remember which 650 tenant we had these sunshades installed for?”


So my boss called me to his office. When I arrived he was speaking to someone on the telephone.  As I waited outside for his call to end, I couldn’t help but overhear a phalanx of tiny voices from above, an ebbing sort of helium swell.  They were speaking in a language other than my own but I felt the message had been made clear for me:  DO NOT GIVE INTO ASTONISHMENT.  “Toby,” he said, “Can you come in here?”

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